Volleyball Private Lessons


Our private lessons are perfect for the player that wants to improve specific aspects the game. Private lessons consist of one hour of personalized volleyball training. Each lesson could incorporate everything from passing, setting, hitting, blocking, serving and defense. It is an individualized, all-around workout that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Private lessons can be conducted individually or with a small group of players.

Private Lesson Prices (per hour):

Lesson Type All Volleyball Instructors (Haley Ortiz, Sara Schwanke, Morgan Morgan, Jen Colter or Katie Johnson)
1 Player: Private Lesson $60
2 players: Semi-Private Lesson $80 ($40 per player)
3 Players: Semi-Private Lesson $90 ($30 per player)
4 Players: Semi-Private Lesson $100 ($25 per player)

Vollyeball private lessons are offered in a limited quantity on Sunday morning and afternoons.  Private lessons can be scheduled either on a consistent weekly basis, an every other week occurrence, or as a one-time event. Please call or complete the request form for scheduling.


Volleyball Private Lesson Location:

  • Fargo Basketball Academy: 
    5409 53rd Ave S | Fargo, ND 58104