Team Trainings

The Fargo Basketball Academy offers opportunities for your team to improve their skills together. Whether it’s a beginner recreational team, a competitive traveling team or a school team, the instruction will be tailored to your specific team goals.

These sessions can also be structured to develop all areas of your team’s play such as defense, press break or better movement on offense. We'll help you put the pieces together for smarter practices, stronger and faster skill development, greater confidence and increased team success.


5-week Session Fee:  $800 per team per 5-week session  

The team fee includes up to 12 players alongside an FBA instructor. Each session will include 5 specialized team training events that will last 60 minutes each.  

2022-23 School Year Session Options (5-week sessions):
Session 1: September 6 - October 8 (Request Deadline August 15)
Session 2: October 10 - November 12 (Request Deadline September 15)
Session 3: November 14 - December 17 [no classes November 23-26] (Request Deadline October 15)
Session 4: January 3 - February 4 (Request Deadline December 1)
Session 5: February 6 - March 11 (Request Deadline January 1)
Session 6: March 13 - April 15 (Request Deadline February 1)
Session 7: April 17 - May 20 (Request Deadline March 15)
Scheduling priority will be granted in the order of received request.

One-Time Training Cost:  $175 per team per hour.  [Call to schedule as these will need to take place outside of our training facility usage.]


I just wanted to let you know that Hunter is really enjoying the team sessions that they are having with Coach Sarah!  We have really seen a difference with the entire team when it comes to playing in games.  They are super fun to watch!!